Top Waterproof Radio for Beach or Boating

When planning and packing for a day of water activities, be sure to remember to take along a waterproof radio. For beach or boating, this is one item that will prove to be useful in many different ways.

Fully portable at only 5 3/16 inches wide and 3 3/8 high, the diminutive size makes it a snap to pack and carry for the beach; yet the mountable L-bracket that is included also makes it ideal for taking along on any type of boat. The open air brightness experienced at either location renders most readable displays useless, but this not the case with the Jensen radio. A wide viewing angle features a daylight readable function to provide ease in viewing the large display area for the current time, station selection or frequency settings.

Enhanced listening pleasure has never been easier than with the Jensen mini. A wide variety of choices are available; select your favorite AM/FM station using the electronic tuner, or simply plug in your own iPod or MP3 player to the auxiliary front panel. A complete kit can be purchased that includes 3.5” mini wedge speakers to further improve audio output.

Being near the water means higher humidity and often incidental water spray that can be the downfall of other radios, but the sealed in the design of the Jensen JHD910 mini provides a waterproof feature that is 100% effective. This sealed design is also valuable in repelling dirt (handy on a sandy beach) and UV rays.

Bad weather can pop up quickly over the open waters; interrupting a great time and possibly endangering the safety of those on the boat and beach. The 7 channel NOAA weather band tuner provided in the Jensen is further evidence of this being the top waterproof radio for beach or boating activities. Presetting the radio to automatically switch to weather band mode any time that an NOAA weather warning is broadcast will alert the beachgoer or boater to impending weather changes that could create a dangerous situation; giving them the opportunity to head toward a protective location to “weather” out the storm safely.

Spending time at the beach can be quite entertaining on its own, as can cruising along in a boat. Spending a full day at either, though, may require a little bit of variety.