6 Best Boating Tips in the World

There are so many great hints and tips to owning and using a boat. Below are 6 essential boating tips that every boat lover and user should know. Be sure to read on to find out more.

1) It is imperative to keep your gear in good condition. Having problems with your engine out at sea is not like if your car breaks down. If your boat breaks down your life is in danger. Have your motor serviced regularly and always keep your checks up to date with all other aspects of your boat. Safety gear such as radios, lifejackets and flares should be inspected before every trip.

2) Always carry safety equipment on board. You should always have at the very least some flares, a lifejacket for every person, a working radio and an anchor. Be sure these safety items are well maintained and be sure that you know how to use them.

3) Always tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back. Make sure that the person you tell knows that if you are not back on time it is there responsibility to inform the authorities immediately. Remember it is also your responsibility to log off with the person you tell once your voyage has concluded.

4) Never push the limits. With boating it is easy to want go that little bit further out or travel a little further even though the fuel is getting low. Although the temptation is there you should never push beyond your limits.

5) Learn how to read and understand weather charts and maps. Learn when it is a good time to go out and when it is not. The safety of you and your passengers depends on your ability to only go out in calm weather.

6) Be a good captain. The captain is in charge off all the passengers on board so it is vital the captain takes this role seriously. Look after those on board, know your limits and never consume alcohol whilst boating.